• Cleeng: Content Monitization Services (Paris and Amsterdam)

  • Ecorys consulting (Brussels & Amsterdam)

  • Splendid Senior Games (Amsterdam)

  • Fores Consulting (Stockholm)

  • The Global Network of People Living with HIV (Amsterdam)

  • Oxfam Novib (The Hague)

  • RutgersWPF (Utrecht)

  • European Infrstastructure for Translational Medicine (Amsterdam)

  • SIT Study Abroad (Amsterdam)

  • Faculty and researchers: Utrecht University, Maastricht University &VU University

  • Rivet Concepts (Amsterdam)

  • Oedipus Brewery (Amsterdam)

EditingNL has 7+ years of experience working with Dutch, EU, and international companies, universities, researchers, entrpreneurs, small businesses, and artists located in the Benelux region.

We offer comprehensive editing services in either American or British English, including: proofreading; copyediting; copywriting from basic English translations; and other B2B and B2C corporate communication services.

We not only strive to perfect your text, we also offer clients educative components through free social media writing and English language resources. Additionally, EditingNL is happy to customise individual or group English lessons.

Samples and references are available upon request. Don't hesitate to contact us!



Click here for more information about EditingNL's Owner, Lisa Rebert.

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